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Comedy Roasts


Looking to spice up your event with some comedy? Call Harris Kal!

If there’s anything Harris Kal loves more than his wife, it’s making people laugh! If you have an upcoming special event, business meeting or party, spice it up with some comedy! Harris specializes in the unexpected, and he promises that he’ll leave ’em laughing!

The Regis Fill-In Millionaire Roast

Customized and clean, Regis Fill-In is the funniest way to roast that special guest on their birthday, wedding, anniversary, or retirement!

The Musical Comedy Roast

Harris will work with you every step of the way to create a clean and hilarious musical roast, with the ideal characters, ideas and songs to make your guests laugh!

Some of Harris’ iconic characters include:

  • Miton Flem – The universe’s favorite nerd
  • Dr. Hans Upperskirt – No roast is complete without the doctor’s special “physical” brand of humor!
  • The Singing Telegram – Give us the theme and the fun facts – then we’ll do the rest!

Uninvited Party Guests

Picture this:

Let’s say you’re turning fifty, and planning your ideal party of a lifetime. Your many wonderful friends and business associates have tome to expect the unexpected and more from you. This time, they’ll get more than they bargained for: At the party, there are some new and unknown people, all with some knowledge of you. As the evening progresses, their wild stories appear to be real… until we reach the end of the night and it’s all revealed that you’ve never met! Uninvited Guests are perfect for corporate events, family celebrations, special occasions, or any time you want to do something out of the ordinary.

The Keynote Speaker?

Acme Valve is ready to unleash their new line and are bringing in their top personnel from all over the country. A three-day seminar is planned to train everyone and show off the new valves. If you’re the head of Acme, wouldn’t it be great to bring in an expert? Harris can boost morale, present the material in a fun and entertaining way and prove the group with a diversion to break up a long day of meetings.

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